Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
Soul of a Man, The Wim Wenders USA 2003 DVD
Schoolhouse Rock! David McCall USA 1973 DVD Documentary
Song of the Little Road, The Priyanka Kumar USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Spirits of the Jaguar Martin Hughes-Games UK 1996 DVD Documentary
Science is Fiction: The Films of Jean Painleve Jean Painleve France 2007 DVD Documentary
Songs Around The World (CD + DVD) N/A N/A USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Scottsboro: An American Tragedy Barak Goodman & Daniel Anker USA 2000 DVD/VHS Documentary
Scrapbooks from Africa and Beyond Gauillaume Bonn & Jean-Claude Luyat USA 1998 DVD Documentary
Scout’s Honor Tom Shepard USA 2001 VHS Documentary
Sorrow and the Pity, The Marcel Ophuls France 1969 DVD Documentary
Seabiscuit Stephen Ives USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Soul of India, The Rick Ray USA 2002 DVD Documentary
Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton Morgan Atkinson USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Searching for Sugar Man Malik Bendjelloul Sweden 2012 DVD Documentary
Sound and Fury Josh Aronson USA 2000 VHS Documentary
Sounds of Poetry with Bill Moyers, Vol. 1 – 4: Amiri Baraka & Robert Pinsky; Marge Piercy & Coleman Barks; Lorna Dee Cervantes, Shirly Geok-lin Lim & Stanley Kunitz; Jane Hirshfield, Lucille Clifton, Mark Doty, & Deborah Garrison Catherine Tatge USA 1999 VHS Documentary
Source, The: The Story of the Beats and the Beat Generation Chuck Workman USA 1999 DVD Documentary
South of the Border Oliver Stone USA 2009 DVD Documentary
Southpaw Liam McGrath Ireland 1999 VHS Documentary
Spaghetti West, The David Gregory USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Secret of the Wild Child, The Linda Garmon USA 1994 DVD Documentary
Secret, The Drew Heriot USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Speedo: A Demolition Derby Love Story Jesse Moss USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Spellbound Jeffrey Blitz USA 2002 DVD Documentary
Secrets of the Dead: Aztec Massacre Karen Kelly USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Spiral Staircase, The Karen Armstrong USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Secrets of the Dead: China’s Terracotta Warrior Steven R. Talley USA 2011 DVD Documentary
Spirit of Annie May, The Catherine Anne Martin Canada 2002 DVD Documentary
Secrets of the Dead: Lost in the Amazon Peter von Puttkamer USA 2011 DVD Documentary
Spirit of Crazy Horse, The James Locker USA 1990 VHS Documentary
Secrets of the Soul Frederick Rendina USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Spirits of the Jaguar: The Aztec’s Fifth World; Sol Y Luna: The Zapotec Legend of the Sun and the Moon; Sentinels of Silence: The Ruins of Ancient Mexico Robert C.; Sam Kerson; Robert Amram Poole USA 1997 VHS Documentary
Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery John Alpert & Matthew O'Neil USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Spiritual Voices Aleksandr Sokurov Russia 1995 DVD Documentary
See It Now Sam Roberts USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Spoils of War David Blaustein Argentina 2000 DVD Documentary
Seeger, Pete: The Power of Song Jim Brown USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Self-Made Man, The Susan Stern USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Seniors: Four Years in Retrospect Dayna Goldfine & Dan Geller USA 1996 VHS Documentary
Squid Daddy’s Delivery Room Ke Chin-Yuan Taiwan 2007 DVD Documentary
Senna Asif Kapadia UK 2010 DVD Documentary
Sri Lanka: A Study In Contrasts Cynthia Bassett USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Sentenced Home David Grabias & Nicole Newnham USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Seoul Train Jim Butterworth, Lisa Sleeth & Aaron Lubarsky USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Stagecraft: Backstage N/A N/A USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Stagecraft: Onstage N/A N/A USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Stages Meerkat Media Collective USA 2009 DVD Documentary
Staging Classical Tragedy Peter Bowen USA 1988 DVD Documentary
Square, The Jehane Noujaim Egypt 2013 DVD Documentary
Serving Life Lisa R. Cohen USA 2011 DVD Documentary
Stand Up: Muslim American Comics Come of Age Glenn Baker & Omar Naim USA 2009 DVD Documentary
Standard Operating Procedure Errol Morris USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Standing in the Shadows of Motown Paul Justman USA 2002 DVD Documentary
Stars’ Caravan, The Arto Halonen Finland 2000 DVD Documentary
Seven Wonders of The Muslim World Faris Kermani UK 2008 DVD Documentary
Starting Small: Teaching Children Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center) Margie McGovern USA 1997 VHS Documentary Chris Hegedus & Jehane Noujaim USA 2001 VHS Documentary
State of Denial Elaine Epstein USA 2003 VHS Documentary
State of Fear Pamela Yates USA 2005 DVD Documentary
State of Mind, A Daniel Gordon UK 2004 DVD Documentary
States of UnBelonging Lynne Sachs USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Shadow of Hate, The Charles Guggenheim USA 1995 VHS Documentary
Shadow of the Holy Book Arto Halonen Finland 2007 DVD Documentary
Step Into Liquid Dana Brown USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Stevie Steve James USA 2002 DVD Documentary
Still Doing It: The Intimate Lives of Women Over 65 Deirdre Fishel USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Salt of the Earth, The Wim Wenders & Juliano Ribeiro Salgado USA; Brazil 2014 4 Documentary
Shakers, The: Hands to Work, Hearts to God Ken Burns & Amy Stechler USA 1984 DVD Documentary
Shakespeare Behind Bars Hank Rogerson USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Shakespeare In the Classroom (On the making of Shakespeare in Love & teaching Shakespeare) Shannon McIntosh USA 1999 VHS Documentary
Stolen Freedom: Occupied Palestine Tony Kandah USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Shaman’s Apprentice, The Miranda Smith USA 2001 DVD Documentary
Stone Reader Mark Moskowitz USA 2002 DVD Documentary
Shanghai Ghetto Amir Mann & Dana Janklowicz-Mann USA 2002 DVD Documentary
Store Wars: When Wal-Mart Comes to Town Micha X. Peled USA 2001 DVD Documentary
Stories We Tell Sarah Polley Canada 2012 DVD Documentary
Shape of the World, The Peter Swain, Patrick Lau & Mark Anderson USA 1991 DVD Documentary
Story of 1, The Nick Murphy UK 2005 DVD Documentary
Streak, The Jonathon Hock USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Story of Film, The: An Odyssey Mark Cousins USA 2011 DVD Documentary
Story of India, The Jeremy Jeffs USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Shelter in Place Zed Nelson UK 2009 DVD Documentary
Story of Maths, The Karen McGann, Robin Dashwood & David Berry USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Story of Stuff, The Louis Fox USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Shine a Light Martin Scorsese USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Speeches of John F. Kennedy, The N/A USA 1998 VHS Documentary
Story of the Weeping Camel, The Byambasuren Davaa & Luigi Falorni Mongolia 2003 DVD Documentary
Shut Up & Sing Barbara Kopple & Cecilia Peck USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Storytelling Class, The John Paskievich & John Whiteway USA 2009 DVD Documentary
Stranded: I’ve Come from a Plane That Crashed on the Mountains Gonzalo Arijon France 2007 DVD Documentary
Shoah Claude Lanzmann France 1985 DVD Documentary
Strangers in the Neighborhood Patrick Bisschops Netherlands 2005 DVD Documentary
Short Life of Jose Antonio Gutierrez, The Heidi Specogna Switzerland 2006 DVD Documentary
Shouting Fire: Stories From the Edge of Free Speech Liz Garbus USA 2009 DVD Documentary
Street Fight Marshall Curry USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Shut Up and Play the Hits Dylan Southern & Will Lovelace UK 2012 DVD Documentary
Structure of Documentaries, The John Mansfield USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Sicko Michael Moore USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars Zach Niles & Banker White USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Sufism for Peace Albert Vandel USA 2007 DVD Documentary