Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
Padre Padrone Paolo & Vittorio Taviani Italy 1977 DVD/VHS Film
Padre Padrone / Night of the Shooting Stars, The / Kaos (Taviani Brothers Collection) Paolo & Vittorio Taviani Italy 1977 DVD Film
Pain and Glory Pablo Almodóvar Spain 2019 DVD Film
Painted Fire Kwon-taek Im South Korea 2002 DVD Film
Paisan (Roberto Rossellini’s War Trilogy) Roberto Rossellini Italy 1946 DVD Film
Palenque: Metropolis of the Maya Tom Whitter USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Palermo or Wolfsburg Werner Schroeter Germany 1980 DVD Film
Palestine is Still the Issue Tony Stark UK 2003 DVD Documentary
Palm Beach Story, The Preston Sturges USA 1942 DVD Film
Paloma de Papel Fabrizio Aguilar Peru 2003 DVD Film
Pan’s Labyrinth Guillermo del Toro Mexico 2006 DVD Film
Panama Deception, The Barbara Trent USA 1992 DVD Documentary
Pandemic: Facing AIDS Rory Kennedy USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Pandora’s Box G.W. Pabst Germany 1929 DVD Film
Panther in Africa, A Aaron Matthews USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Paperboy, The Lee Daniels USA 2012 DVD Film
Paperboys Mike Mills USA 2001 DVD Documentary
Parade Jacques Tati Canada 1974 DVD Film
Paradise Lost 2: Revelations Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky USA 2000 DVD/VHS Documentary
Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky USA 2011 DVD Documentary
Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills Joe Berlinger & Bruce Sinofsky USA 1996 DVD Documentary
Paradise Now Hany Abu-Assad Palestine 2005 DVD Film
Paragraph 175 Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman USA 2000 DVD Documentary
Parallel Lines Nina Davenport USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives Louise Lockwood UK 2007 DVD Documentary
Paranoid Park Gus Van Sant USA 2007 DVD Film
Parasite Bong Joon Ho South Korea 2019 DVD Film
Parents (The Kartemquin Films Collection: The Early Years, Vol. 1 1967-1968) Gerald & Gordon Quinn Temaner USA 1968 DVD Documentary
Pariah Dee Rees USA 2011 DVD Film
Paris Belongs to Us Jacques Rivette France 1961 DVD Film
Paris Concert for Amnesty International, The Stanley Dorfman USA 1999 VHS Film
Paris is Burning Jennie Livingston USA 1990 DVD Documentary
Paris is Burning Jennie Livingston USA 1990 DVD Documentary
Paris, je t’aime Olivier Assayas & Frederic Aubertin France 2006 DVD Film
Paris, Texas Wim Wenders USA 1984 DVD/VHS Film
Paris: The Luminous Years Perry Miller Adato UK 2010 DVD Documentary
Parisian Love (Parisian Love / Down to the Sea in Ships) Louis J. Gasnier USA 1925 DVD Film
Parting Glances Bill Sherwood USA 1986 DVD Film
Party’s Over, The Donavan Leitch Chaiklin, Rebecca & USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Passage to India, A David Lean UK 1984 DVD Film
Passenger, The Michelangelo Antonioni USA 1975 DVD/VHS Film
Passin’ It On Jon Valadez USA 1993 DVD Documentary
Passing Fancy Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1933 DVD Film
Passion James Lapine USA 1996 DVD Film
Passion Fish John Sayles USA 1992 DVD/VHS Film
Passion of Joan of Arc, The Carl Theodor Dreyer France 1928 DVD Film
Passion of the Christ, The Mel Gibson USA 2004 DVD Film
Past, The Asghar Farhadi France 2013 DVD Film
Pastoral Song Hyo-cheon Kim South Korea 1968 DVD Film
Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid Sam Peckinpah USA 1973 DVD/VHS Film
Paterson Jim Jarmusch USA 2016 DVD Film
Pather Panchali Satyajit Ray India 1955 DVD Film
Paths of Glory Stanley Kubrick USA 1957 DVD/VHS Film
Paths of the Soul Zhang Yang China 2015 DVD Film
Patriotism Yukio Mishima & Masaki Domoto Japan 1966 DVD Film
Patton Franklin J. Schaffner USA 1970 DVD Film
Paul Conrad: Drawing Fire Barbara Multer-Wellin USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Paul Klee: Artists of the 20th Century DPM USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Paul Klee: The Silence of the Angel Michael Gaumnitz France 2005 DVD Documentary
Paul McCartney in Red Square Mark Haefeli USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Paul Robeson: Body and Soul / Borderline Oscar Micheaux & Kenneth MacPherson USA 1925 DVD Film
Paul Robeson: Here I Stand St. Clair Bourne USA 1999 DVD Documentary
Paul Robeson: Sanders of the River / Jericho Zoltan Korda & Thornton Freeland USA 1935 DVD Film
Paul Robeson: The Emperor Jones / Tribute to an Artist Dudley Murphy & Saul J. Turell USA 1933 DVD Documentary
Paul Robeson: The Proud Valley / Native Land Pen Tennyston & Leo Hurwitz USA 1940 DVD Film
Paul’s Case Lamont Johnson USA 1980 DVD Film
Pauline at the Beach Eric Rohmer France 1983 DVD Film
Pawnbroker, The Sidney Lumet USA 1964 DVD/VHS Film
PBS Explorer Collection: Brain Fitness Volume 1 PBS USA 2011 DVD Documentary
PBS Frontline: Being Mortal Thomas Jennings USA 2015 DVD Documentary
PBS Frontline: Country Boys David Sutherland USA 2006 DVD Documentary
PBS Frontline: Facing Death Miri Navasky & Karen O'Connor USA 2010 DVD Documentary
PBS Frontline: The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan Mike Healy USA 2010 DVD Documentary
Peace Is Every Step: Meditation in Action: The Life and Work of Thich Nhat Hanh Gaetano Kazuo Maida USA 1998 DVD Documentary
Peace One Day Jeremy Gilley UK 2004 DVD Documentary
Peace! DVD, The Gabriele Zamparini USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Peanuts to the Presidency Marshall Harvey USA 1978 DVD Documentary
Pear Tree, The Dariush Mehrjui Iran 1998 DVD Film
Pearls of the Deep Vera Chytilova, Jaromil Jires, Jiri Menzel, Jan Nemec & Evald Schorm Czechoslovakia 1966 DVD Film
Peck on the Cheek, A Mani Ratnam Sri Lanka 2002 DVD India
Peddler, The Mohsen Makhmalbaf Iran 1989 VHS Film
Pedro Nick Oceano USA 2008 DVD Film
Peepli (Live) Anusha Rizvi & Mahmood Farooqui India 2010 DVD Film
Pegasus Mohamed Mouftakir Morocco 2010 DVD Film
Pelle the Conqueror Bille August Sweden, Denmark 1987 DVD/VHS Film
Pennies from Heaven Herbert Ross USA 1981 DVD Film
People Like Us: The Complete Series John Morton UK 1999 DVD Film
People vs. Paul Crump, The William Friedkin USA 1962 DVD Documentary
People’s Palace, The N/A N/A USA 2006 DVD Documentary
People’s Republic of Capitalism, The Ted Koppel & Robert Goldsborough USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Pepe le Moko Julien Duvivier France 1937 DVD Film
Peppermint Candy Lee Chang-dong South Korea 1999 DVD Film
Perceval Eric Rohmer France 1978 VHS Film
Perez Family, The Mira Nair USA 1995 DVD/VHS Film
Perez Family, The Mira Nair USA 1995 DVD Film
Perfect Day, A Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige Lebanon 2005 DVD Film
Performance of Macbeth, A Philip Casson UK 1979 DVD Documentary
Period Piece Jay Rosenblatt & Jennifer Frame USA 1996 DVD Documentary
Persepolis Vincent Paronnaud & Marjane Satrapi France 2007 DVD Film
Persepolis, a Glimpse of an Empire Gotz Balonier Germany 2009 DVD Documentary