Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
L’Age d’Or Luis Bunel France 1930 DVD Film
L’argent Robert Bresson France 1983 DVD Film
L’Atalante Jean Vigo France 1934 VHS Film
L’Avventura Michelangelo Antonioni Italy 1960 DVD Film
L’Eclisse Michelangelo Antonioni Italy 1962 DVD Film
L’enfance Nue Maurice Pialat France 1968 DVD Film
L’enfant Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne Belgium 2005 DVD Film
L’Enfer Claude Chabrol France 1994 DVD Film
L’innocente Luchino Visconti Italy 1976 DVD Film
L.A. Confidential Curtis Hanson USA 1997 DVD Film
L.I.E. Michael Cuesta USA 2001 DVD/VHS Film
LA 92 Daniel Lindsay USA 2017 DVD Documentary
La Bete Humaine Jean Renoir France 1938 DVD/VHS Film
La Boheme King Vidor USA 1926 DVD Film
La Cage aux Folles Edouard Molinaro France 1978 VHS Film
La chambre Chantal Akerman USA 1972 DVD Film
La Chienne Jean Renoir France 1931 DVD Film
La Cienaga Lucrecia Martel Argentina 2001 DVD Film
La collectionneuse Eric Rohmer France 1967 DVD Film
La commare secca Bernardo Bertolucci Italy 1962 DVD Film
La Commune (Paris, 1871) Peter Watkins France 2000 DVD Film
La Dolce Vita Federico Fellini Italy 1960 DVD/VHS Film
La Femme Nikita Luc Besson France 1990 DVD/VHS Film
La France Serge Bozon France 2007 DVD Film
La guerre est finie Alain Resnais France 1966 DVD Film
La Haine Mathieu Kassovitz France 1995 DVD Documentary
La Haine Mathieu Kassovitz France 1995 4 Film
La Jetee / Sans Soleil Chris Marker France 1962 DVD Film
La La Land Damien Chazelle USA 2016 DVD Film
La Luna Bernardo Bertolucci Italy 1979 DVD Film
La Notte Michelangelo Antonioni Italy 1961 DVD Film
La Pointe Courte Agnes Varda France 1955 DVD Film
La Promesse Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne Belgium 1996 DVD/VHS Film
La puta y la ballena Luis Puenzo Spain 2004 DVD Film
La Ronde Max Ophuls France 1950 DVD/VHS Film
La roue Abel Gance France 1923 DVD Film
La sierra Scott Dalton & Margarita Martinez Colombia 2005 DVD Documentary
La sirga William Vega Colombia 2012 DVD Film
La Strada Federico Fellini Italy 1954 DVD/VHS Film
La tragedia de Macario Pablo Veliz USA 2005 DVD Documentary
La Vie en Rose Olivier Dahan France 2007 DVD Film
Labyrinth of Lies Giulio Ricciarelli Germany 2014 DVD Film
Lacombe, Lucien Louis Malle France 1974 DVD/VHS Film
Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Leonard Cohen Donald Brittain & Don Owen Canada 1965 DVD Documentary
Ladies in Lavender Charles Dance UK 2004 DVD Film
Lady and the Highwayman, The John Hough UK 1989 VHS Film
Lady Bird Greta Gerwig USA 2017 DVD Film
Lady Chatterley Pascale Ferran France 2006 DVD Film
Lady Eve, The Preston Sturges USA 1941 DVD/VHS Film
Lady from Shanghai, The Orson Welles USA 1947 DVD/VHS Film
Lady in a Cage Walter Grauman USA 1964 VHS Film
Lady in the Van, The Nicholas Hytner UK 2015 DVD Film
Lady Sings the Blues Sidney J. Furie USA 1972 DVD Film
Lady Vanishes, The Alfred Hitchcock UK 1938 DVD/VHS Film
Lady with the Dog, The Iosif Kheifits Russia 1960 DVD Film
Lady, The Luc Besson France 2011 DVD Film
Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India Ashutosh Gowariker India 2001 DVD Film
Laila’s Birthday Rashid Masharawi Palestine 2008 DVD Film
Lake Farm, The Paolo & Vittorio Taviani Italy 2007 DVD Film
Lake of Fire Tony Kaye USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Lake Tahoe Fernando Eimbcke Mexico 2008 DVD Film
Lakki…The Boy Who Could Fly Svend Wam Norway 1992 DVD Film
Lamerica Gianni Amelio Italy 1994 DVD/VHS Film
Lancelot of the Lake Robert Bresson France 1974 DVD Film
Land of Mine Martin Zandvliet Denmark 2015 DVD Film
Land of Plenty Wim Wenders USA 2004 DVD Film
Land of Thirst Meg Rickards South Africa 2008 DVD Film
Landscape After Battle Andrzej Wajda Poland 1970 DVD Film
Landscape in the Mist Theodoros Angelopoulos Greece 1988 DVD/VHS Film
Language of Dreams: The Alchemy of Relationships Createspace USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Language of Film, The: Single-Camera Shooting John Mansfield USA 1996 DVD Documentary
Language of Film, The: Lenses and Light Mike Crisp USA 1991 DVD Documentary
Language of Life w/ Bill Moyers Vol. 1 – 8 : Welcome to the Mainland; Love’s Confusing; The Field of Time; Some Can Sing; Here in the Mind; Swirl like a Leaf; The Heart of Things; Come Celebrate With Me (Filed in Poetry Bin) David Grubin USA 1995 VHS Documentary
Laramie Project, The Moises Kaufman USA 2002 DVD/VHS Film
Lars and the Real Girl Craig Gillespie USA 2007 DVD Film
Last Atomic Bomb, The Robert Richter USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Last Best Chance Michael Camerini & Shari Robertson USA 2010 DVD Documentary
Last Call to the Oasis Jessica Yu USA 2011 DVD Documentary
Last Command, The Frank Lloyd USA 1955 VHS Film
Last Conquistador, The John J Valadez & Christina Ibarra USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Last Dance Mirra Bank USA 2002 DVD Documentary
Last Days in Vietnam Rory Kennedy USA 2014 DVD Documentary
Last Days, The James Moll USA 1998 DVD/VHS Documentary
Last Emperor, The Bernardo Bertolucci Italy 1987 DVD Film
Last King of Scotland, The Kevin Macdonald UK 2006 DVD Film
Last Laugh, The F.W. Murnau Germany 1924 DVD/VHS Film
Last Men in Aleppo Feras Fayyad, Steen Johannessen Denmark, Syria 2017 DVD Documentary
Last Metro, The Francois Truffaut France 1980 DVD/VHS Film
Last of England, The Derek Jarman UK 1987 DVD Film
Last of the Hiding Tribes, The Adrian Cowell USA 1999 VHS Documentary
Last Picture Show, The Peter Bogdanovich USA 1971 DVD Film
Last Seduction, The John Dahl USA 1994 DVD/VHS Film
Last Stand at Little Big Horn: American Experience Paul Stekler USA 1992 DVD Documentary
Last Stand of the 300 David Padrusch USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Last Station, The Michael Hoffman Germany 2009 DVD Film
Last Supper, The Fereydoun Jeyrani Iran 2002 DVD Film
Last Supper, The Tomas Gutierrez Alea Cuba 1976 VHS Film
Last Tango in Paris Bernardo Bertolucci Italy 1972 DVD/VHS Film
Last Temptation of Christ, The Martin Scorsese USA 1988 DVD/VHS Film
Last Train Home Lixin Fan China 2009 DVD Film