Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
John Adams Tom Hooper USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers Programs 1-6; The Hero’s Adventure; The Power of Myth: The Message of the Myth; The First Storytellers; Sacrifice and Bliss; Love and the Goddess; Mask of Eternity PBS USA 1998 DVD/VHS Documentary
Joseph Campbell: Mythos II PBS USA 1996 DVD Documentary
Joseph Campbell: Sukhavati Maxine Harris USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Jimmy Carter: Man from Plains Jonathan Demme USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Jane Goodall: Reason for Hope Emily Goldberg USA 1999 DVD Documentary
Jane Goodall’s Return to Gombe Mark Bristow UK 2004 DVD Documentary
Jane Goodall: When Animals Talk Joanne Scoffield USA 2005 DVD Documentary
James Baldwin: The Price of the Ticket Karen Thorsen USA 1989 DVD Documentary
James Joyce’s Dublin: The Ulysses Tour Kevin Phillips Ireland 2007 DVD Documentary
Jane’s Journey Lorenz Knauer Tanzania 2010 DVD Documentary
Japan: Memoirs of a Secret Empire Lyn Goldfarb & Deborah Desnoo USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child Tamra Davis USA 2010 DVD Documentary
Jenin Jenin Mohammad Bakri Palestine 2003 DVD Documentary
Jesus Camp Heidi Ewing & Rachel Grady USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Jewish Americans, The David Grubin USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Jihad for Love, A Parvez Sharma USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound Mary Wharton USA 2009 DVD Documentary
John Lennon: Love Is All You Need Alan Byron & Ashley Hall UK 2010 DVD Documentary
John Updike: In His Own Words USA 1997 DVD Documentary
Johnny Cash! The Man, His World, His Music Robert Elfstrom USA 1969 DVD Documentary
Jonestown: The Life and Death of Peoples Temple Stanley Nelson USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Joseph Cambell on Power of Myth with Bill Moyers N/A N/A USA 1988 DVD Documentary
Joseph Campbell on the Power of Myth Bill Moyers USA 1988 DVD Documentary
Journey to the Moon: The 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11 Brian Dehler USA 2009 DVD Documentary
Journey: A Mythical Dance Fantasy Barbara Willis Sweete USA 1998 DVD/VHS Documentary
Judge and the General, The Elizabeth Farnsworth & Patricio Lanfranco Leverton Chile 2008 DVD Documentary
Jump! Boys Yu-Hsien Lin Taiwan 2011 DVD Documentary
Jung (War) in the Land of the Mujaheddin Fabrizio Lazzaretti & Alberto Vendemmiati Italy 2001 VHS Documentary
Jupiter’s Wife Michel Negroponte USA 1995 DVD Documentary
Jury of Her Peers, A Sally Heckel USA 1980 DVD Documentary
Just the Facts: Understanding Literature – Elements of Drama Ray DiZazzo USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Just the Facts: Understanding Literature – Elements of Fiction Ray DiZazzo USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Just the Facts: Understanding Literature – Elements of Poetry Ray DiZazzo USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Justice: What’s The Right Thing to Do? Brigid Sullivan USA 2009 DVD Documentary
Juvies Leslie Neale USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Jack Kerouac: King of the Beats John Antonelli USA 1985 DVD Documentary
Jonathan Kozol: Speech given at OCU on Oct. 23 2000 N/A USA 2000 VHS Documentary
Jose Limon: Three Modern Dance Classics Walter Strate USA 1949 DVD Documentary
Jack London: Great Writers Kultur Video USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Joseph Campbell: Mythos I PBS USA 1985 DVD Documentary
Jackson Pollock: Love and Death on Long Island Teresa Griffiths UK 1999 DVD Documentary
Jean-Paul Sartre & Simone de Beauvoir Max Cacopardo France 1967 DVD Documentary
John Steinbeck: Great Writers Kultur Video USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Journey Into Buddhism: Dharma River John Bush USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Journey Into Buddhism: Prajna Earth John Bush USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Journey Into Buddhism: Vajra Sky Over Tibet John Bush USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Jiro Dreams of Sushi David Gelb USA 2011 DVD Documentary
Jackie Robinson Ken Burns, Sarah Burns & David McMahon USA 2016 DVD Documentary
Janis: Little Girl Blue Amy Berg USA 2015 DVD Documentary
Jia Zhangke, A guy from Fenyang Walter Salles Brazil 2014 DVD Documentary
Joseph Campbell: Mythos III PBS USA 2011 DVD Documentary
Jiro Dreams of Sushi David Gelb USA 2011 DVD Documentary
Jane Brett Morgen USA 2017 DVD Documentary
Jmeno kodu: Rubin Jan Nemac Czech Republic 1997 DVD Film
Jackal of Nahueltoro, The Miguel Littin Chile 1969 DVD Film
Jackie Robinson Story, The Alfred E. Green USA 1950 DVD/VHS Film
Jacob the Liar Frank Beyer Germany 1974 DVD/VHS Film
Jaffa Keren Yedaya Israel 2009 DVD Film
Jamaica Inn Alfred Hitchcock UK 1939 DVD Film
Jane Eyre Cary Joji Fukunaga USA 2011 DVD Film
Jane Eyre Susanna White UK 2006 DVD Film
Japanese Story Sue Brooks Australia 2003 DVD Film
Japanese Summer: Double Suicide Nagisa Oshima Japan 1967 DVD Film
Japon Carols Reygadas Mexico 2002 DVD Film
Jarhead Sam Mendes USA 2005 DVD Film
Jazz Singer, The Alan Crosland USA 1927 DVD Film
Je Tu Il Elle Chantal Akerman Belgium 1974 DVD Film
Jean de Florette Claude Berri France 1986 DVD Film
Jeanne Dielman, 23 Commerce Quay, 1080 Brussels Chantal Akerman Belgium 1975 DVD Film
Jerichow Christian Petzold Germany 2008 DVD Film
Jesus Christ Superstar Norman Jewison USA 1973 DVD Film
Jesus of Montreal Denys Arcand Canada 1989 DVD/VHS Film
Jesus of Nazareth Franco Zeffirelli Italy 1977 DVD Film
JFK Oliver Stone USA 1991 DVD/VHS Film
Jilting of Granny Weatherall, The Randa Haines USA 1980 DVD/VHS Film
Jindabyne Ray Lawrence Australia 2006 DVD Film
Johnny Belinda Jean Negulesco USA 1948 VHS Film
Johnny Eager Mervyn LeRoy USA 1941 VHS Film
Johnny Got His Gun Dalton Trumbo USA 1971 DVD Film
Johnny Guitar Nicholas Ray USA 1954 DVD Film
Joke, The Jaromil Jires Czechoslovakia 1969 DVD Film
Joseph Andrews Tony Richardson UK 1977 DVD Film
Josephine Baker Story, The Brian Gibson USA 1991 DVD/VHS Film
Jour de Fete Jacques Tati France 1949 DVD Film
Journey from the Fall Ham Tran USA 2006 DVD Film
Journey of Hope Xavier Koller Switzerland 1990 VHS Film
Journey to the Sun Yesim Ustaoglu Turkey 1999 DVD Film
Journey to the Western Xia Empire Wei Lu China 1997 DVD Film
Joy Luck Club, The Wayne Wang USA 1993 DVD/VHS Film
Joyeux Noel Christian Carion France 2005 DVD Film
Joyless Street, The G.W. Pabst Germany 1925 VHS Film
Ju Dou Zhang Yimou & Fengliang Yang China 1990 DVD/VHS Film
Jubilee Derek Jarman UK 1978 DVD Film
Jude Michael Winterbottom UK 1996 VHS Film
Jude the Obscure Hugh David UK 1971 DVD/VHS Film
Judgment at Nuremberg History Channel USA 2005 DVD Film
Judgment at Nuremberg Stanley Kramer USA 1961 VHS Film
Jules and Jim Francois Truffaut France 1962 DVD/VHS Film
Julia Fred Zinnemann USA 1977 DVD Film