Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang Mervyn LeRoy USA 1932 DVD Film
I Am a Promise: The Children of Stanton Elementary School Susan Raymond USA 1993 DVD Documentary
I Am Because We Are Nathan Rissman USA 2008 DVD Documentary
I Am Cuba Mikhail Kalatozov Cuba 1964 DVD Film
I Am David Paul Feig USA 2003 DVD Film
I Am from Titov Veles Teona Strugar Mitevska Republic of Macedonia 2007 DVD Film
I Am Happiness on Earth Julian Hernandez Mexico 2014 DVD Film
I Am Love Luca Guadagnino Italy 2009 DVD Film
I Am Not a Witch Rungano Nyoni UK 2017 DVD Film
I am Not Your Negro Raoul Peck USA 2017 DVD Documentary
I Am Taraneh, I Am Fifteen Years Old Rasoul Sadrameli Iran 2002 DVD Film
I Can No Longer Hear The Guitar Philippe Garrel France 1991 DVD Film
I Capture the Castle Tim Fywell UK 2003 DVD Film
I Confess Alfred Hitchcock USA 1953 DVD Film
I Don’t Kiss Andre Techine France 1991 DVD Film
I Don’t Want to Sleep Alone Ming-liang Tsai Taiwan 2006 DVD Film
I fidanzati Ermanno Olmi Italy 1963 DVD Film
I Killed My Mother Xavier Dolan Canada 2009 DVD Film
I Know I’m Not Alone Michael Franti USA 2005 DVD Documentary
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Fielder Cook USA 1979 VHS Film
I Live in Fear Akira Kurosawa Japan 1955 DVD Film
I Love You Phillip Morris Glenn Ficarra & John Requa USA 2009 DVD Film
I Remember Mama George Stevens USA 1948 VHS Film
I Used to Be a Filmmaker Jay Rosenblatt USA 2003 DVD Documentary
I Vitelloni Federico Fellini Italy 1953 DVD Film
I Want to Go Home Alain Resnais France 1989 DVD Film
I Want to See Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil Joreige Lebanon 2008 DVD Film
I Was a Teenage Feminist Therese Shechter USA 2005 DVD Documentary
I Was Born, But… Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1932 DVD/VHS Film
I Will Fight No More Forever Richard T. Heffron USA 1975 DVD Documentary
I’ll Cry Tomorrow Daniel Mann USA 1955 VHS Film
I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK Park Chan-wook South Korea 2006 DVD Film
I’m a Fool Noel Black USA 1977 VHS Film
I’m Going Home Manoel De Oliveira Portugal 2001 DVD Film
I’m Not Scared Gabriele Salvatores Italy 2003 DVD Film
I’m Not There. Todd Haynes USA 2007 DVD Film
I’ve Loved You So Long Philippe Claudel France 2008 DVD Film
I, Daniel Blake Ken Loach UK 2015 DVD Film
I, the Worst of All Maria Luisa Bemberg Argentina 1990 DVD Film
Ice Storm, The Ang Lee USA 1997 DVD Film
Iceman Cometh, The Sidney Lumet USA 1960 DVD Film
Ida Pawel Pawlikowski Poland 2013 DVD Film
Identification of a Woman Michelangelo Antonioni Italy 1982 DVD Film
Idiot, The Akira Kurosawa Japan 1951 DVD Film
If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front Marshall Curry & Sam Cullman USA 2011 DVD Documentary
If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle Florin Serban Romania 2010 DVD Film
If the Mango Tree Could Speak Patricia Goudvis USA 1992 VHS Documentary
If You Don’t, I Will Sophie Fillieres France 2014 DVD Film
If…. Lindsay Anderson UK 1968 DVD Film
Ikiru Akira Kurosawa Japan 1952 DVD/VHS Film
Il Bidone Federico Fellini Italy 1955 DVD Film
Il Divo Paolo Sorrentino Italy 2008 DVD Film
Il était une fois…: Rome, ville ouverte Marie Genin & Serge July Italy 2006 DVD Documentary
Il Grido Michelangelo Antonioni Italy 1957 DVD Film
Il Postino Michael Radford Italy 1994 DVD/VHS Film
Il Posto Ermanno Olmi Italy 1961 DVD Film
Illegal Olivier Masset-Depasse Belgium 2010 DVD Film
Illicit Archie Mayo USA 1931 VHS Film
Illusionist, The Neil Burger USA 2006 DVD Film
Ilo Ilo Anthony Chen Singapore 2013 DVD Film
Imagine John Lennon, Yoko Ono & Steve Gebhardt USA 1972 DVD Documentary
Imbabazi Joel Karekezi Rwanda 2013 DVD Film
Imelda Ramona S. Diaz Philippines 2003 DVD Documentary
Imitation Game, The Morten Tyldum UK 2014 DVD Film
Imitation of Life John M. Stahl USA 1934 VHS Film
Immigrant, The James Gray USA 2013 DVD Film
Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, The George C. Wolfe USA 2017 DVD Documentary
Importance of Being Earnest, The Oliver Parker UK 2002 DVD Film
Impossible, The Juan Antonio Bayona Spain 2012 DVD Film
Imposter, The Bart Layton UK 2012 DVD Documentary
Impressionists, The: Monet Kultur Video USA 2006 DVD Documentary
In a Better World Susanne Bier Denmark 2010 DVD Film
In America Jim Sheridan Ireland 2002 DVD Film
In Another Country Sang-soo Hong South Korea 2012 DVD Film
In Between Days So Yong Kim South Korea 2006 DVD Film
In Brands We Trust N/A N/A USA 2002 DVD Documentary
In Cold Blood Richard Brooks USA 1967 DVD/VHS Film
In Darkness Agnieszka Holland Poland 2011 DVD Film
In July Fatih Akin Germany 2000 DVD Film
In Love We Trust Xiaoshuai Wang China 2007 DVD Film
In Praise of Older Women George Kaczender Canada 1978 DVD Film
In Rwanda We Say… The Family That Does Not Speak Dies Anne Aghion France 2004 DVD Documentary
In Search of Myths and Heroes Jeremy Jeffs, Gregory Doran & Sean Smith USA 2005 DVD Documentary
In Search of the Trojan War Bill Lyons UK 1985 DVD Documentary
In Tahrir Square: 18 Days of Egypt’s Unfinished Revolution Jon Alpert & Matthew O'Neill Egypt 2012 DVD Documentary
In the Arms of My Enemy Micha Wald France 2007 DVD Film
In the Bedroom Todd Field USA 2001 VHS Film
In the City of Sylvia Jose Luis Guerin Spain 2007 DVD Film
In the Cut Jane Campion USA 2003 DVD Film
In the Fade Faith Akin Germany; France 2017 DVD Film
In the Family Joanna Rudnick USA 2008 DVD Documentary
In the Family Patrick Wang USA 2011 DVD Film
In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great David Wallace USA 1998 DVD Documentary
In the Heat of the Night Norman Jewison USA 1967 VHS Film
In the Land of Blood and Honey Angelina Jolie USA 2011 DVD Film
In the Loop Armando Iannucci UK 2009 DVD Film
In the Mood for Love Wong Kar-Wai Hong Kong 2000 DVD Film
In the Name of Love Shannon O'Rourke USA 2003 DVD Documentary
In the Name of the Father Jim Sheridan Ireland 1993 DVD Film
In the Pit Juan Carlos Rulfo Mexico 2006 DVD Documentary