Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
Hate Crimes in the Heartland Rachel Lyon USA 2015 Documentary
Heart of Darkness Nicolas Roeg USA 1993 VHS Film
Horse, The Ali Ozgenturk Turkey 1982 VHS Film
High Anxiety Mel Brooks USA 1977 VHS Film
Heroes for Sale William A. Wellman USA 1933 VHS Film
Harlem Nights Eddie Murphy USA 1989 VHS Film
Heaven and Earth Haruki Kadokawa Japan 1990 VHS Film
Hunger Henning Carlsen Sweden 1966 VHS Film
Hi-De-Ho Josh Binney USA 1947 VHS Film
House of Usher Roger Corman USA 1960 VHS Film
Hunt for Red October, The John McTiernan USA 1990 VHS Film
High School Confidential! Jack Arnold USA 1958 VHS Film
He Walked by Night Alfred Werker USA 1948 VHS Film
Henry IV Marco Bellocchio Italy 1984 VHS Film
Hiroshima: A Mother’s Prayer Motoo Agasawra Japan 1990 VHS Documentary
How Difficult Can This Be? The F.A.T. City Workshop: Understanding Learning Disabilities Richard D. Lavoie USA 1989 VHS Documentary
High Sierra Raoul Walsh USA 1941 VHS Film
Henry V Kenneth Branagh UK 1989 VHS Film
Hoop Dreams Steve James USA 1994 VHS Documentary
How Far Are You Willing To Go To Make A Difference? Peace Corp USA 1998 VHS Documentary
History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, The Metin Huseyin UK 1997 VHS Film
Hearts and Hands Pat Ferrero USA 1988 VHS Documentary
Harper Jack Smight USA 1966 VHS Film
Hilary and Jackie Anand Tucker UK 1998 VHS Film
Hammers Over the Anvil Ann Turner Australia 1993 VHS Film
Himalaya Eric Valli & Michel Debats Nepal 1999 VHS Film
House of Mirth, The Terence Davies USA 2001 VHS Film
Herdsman of the Sun Werner Herzog Germany 1988 VHS Documentary
How Tasty Was My Little Frenchman Nelson Pereira dos Santos Brazil 1971 VHS Film
Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse Fax Bahar, George Hickenlooper & Eleanor Coppola USA 1991 VHS Documentary
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm, The Gerard Ungerman & Audrey Brohy USA 2001 VHS Documentary
Hotel Terminus Marcel Ophuls France 1988 VHS Documentary
Home of the Brave Mark Robson USA 1949 VHS Film
Horn Blows at Midnight, The Raoul Walsh USA 1945 VHS Film
Herdsmen of the Sun Werner Herzog Germany 1989 VHS Documentary
Heat Michael Mann USA 1995 VHS Film
Hour of the Gun John Sturges USA 1967 VHS Film
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Wallace Worsley USA 1923 VHS Film
Hands on a Hard Body: The Documentary S.R. Bindler USA 1997 VHS Documentary
Horse Thief Zhuangzhuang Tian & Peicheng Pan China 1986 VHS Film
Hollywood Clowns, The Bill Gleason USA 1979 VHS Documentary
Hour of the Star Suzana Amaral Brazil 1985 VHS Film
Hungarian Fairy Tale, A Gyula Gazdag Hungary 1987 VHS Film
Hairy Ape, The Alfred Santell USA 1944 VHS Film
Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters’ First 100 Years Lynne Littman USA 1999 VHS Film
Hellcats of the Navy Nathan Juran USA 1957 VHS Film
Human Body, The Richard Dale, Emma De'ath, Liesel Evans, Andrew Thompson, John Groom & Christopher Spencer USA 1999 VHS Documentary
Hangman’s House John Ford USA 1928 DVD Film
Hero For All, A: Nelson Mandela’s Farewell Danny Schechter South Africa 1999 DVD Documentary
History Through Literature: World Wars & the Quest for Order (1900 to 1955) Rhonda Fabian USA 1998 DVD Documentary
Howl Rob Epstein & Jeffrey Friedman USA 2010 DVD Film
How to Survive a Plague David France USA 2012 DVD Documentary
Heaven Tom Tykwer Germany 2002 DVD Film
Hollywood’s Role in Shaping Values: David Puttnam PBS USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Hunger Steve McQueen UK 2008 DVD Film
He Named Me Malala David Guggenheim USA; United Arab Emirates 2015 DVD Documentary
Half Moon Bahman Ghobadi Austria 2006 DVD Film
Hawaii’s Last Queen Vivian Ducat USA 1997 DVD Documentary
Heller, Joseph: The Loyalty Oath Crusdade Bill Moyers USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Homeless in America Tommy Wiseau & Kaya Redford USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Housewife, 49 Gavin Millar UK 2006 DVD Film
Huey Long Ken Burns USA 1985 DVD Documentary
Havana Suite (Suite Habana) Fernando Pérez Cuba 2003 DVD Documentary
Heart of Glass Werner Herzog Germany 1976 DVD Film
Hit, The Stephen Frears UK 1984 DVD Film
Horses of God Nabil Ayouch Morocco 2012 DVD Film
Hudsucker Proxy, The Joel & Ethan Coen USA 1994 DVD Film
Halima’s Path Arsen A. Ostojic Bosnia and Herzegovina; Croatia 2012 DVD Film
Hard Day’s Night, A Richard Lester UK 1964 DVD Film
High Noon Fred Zinnemann USA 1952 DVD Film
Holy Cow Harry Marshall USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Hours, The Stephen Daldry USA 2002 DVD Film
Hell or High Water David Mackenzie USA 2016 DVD Film
Half Nelson Ryan Fleck USA 2006 DVD Film
Hawaii, Oslo Erik Poppe Norway 2004 DVD Film
Help, The Tate Taylor USA 2011 DVD Film
Hellfire: A Journey from Hiroshima Michael Camerini, John Junkerman & James MacDonald USA 1986 DVD Documentary
Homeless in Paradise Marilyn Braverman USA 2005 DVD Documentary
How Art Made the World Robin Dashwood USA 2005 DVD Documentary
History of Sex, The A&E USA 1999 DVD Documentary
Hunchback of Notre Dame, The William Dieterle USA 1939 DVD Film
Hannah Arendt Margarethe von Trotta Germany 2012 DVD Film
Heart of the Game, The Ward Serrill USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Hittites, The: A Civilization That Changed the World Tolga Ornek USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Host, The Joon Ho Bong South Korea 2006 DVD Film
Huelepega: Ley de la calle Elia Schneider Venezuela 1999 DVD Film
Hard Day, A Seong-hoon Kim South Korea 2014 DVD Film
Harlem Renaissance Marino Amoruso USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Heaven’s Gate Michael Cimino USA 1980 DVD Film
High School Boot Camp Charles Braverman USA 2000 DVD Documentary
Holy Mountain, The Alejandro Jodorowsky USA 1973 DVD Film
House is Black, The Forugh Farrokhzad Iran 1963 DVD Documentary
Hacksaw Ridge Mel Gibson Australia, USA 2016 DVD Film
Halfaouine: Boy of the Terraces Ferid Boughedir Tunisia 1990 DVD Film
Hawks and the Sparrows, The Pier Paolo Pasolini Italy 1966 DVD Film
Henri Nouwen: The Cross Currents Interviews Karen Pascal USA 2010 DVD Documentary
Hiroshima: Why the Bomb Was Dropped News ABC USA 1995 DVD Documentary
Homicide David Mamet USA 1991 DVD Film
How Art Made the World Robin Dashwood, Martin Wilson, Ben McPherson, Francis Whately, Nick Murphy & Mark Hedgecoe USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Historias de futbol Andres Wood Chile 1997 DVD Film