Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
Everyday Creativity N/A USA DVD Documentary
Eight Films By Jean Rouch Jean Rouch France DVD Film
Ernest Hemingway: Grace Under Pressure Tony Cash USA DVD Documentary
Easy Virtue Alfred Hitchcock UK 1928 DVD Film
Each Dawn I Die William Keighley USA 1939 VHS Film
East Side, West Side Mervyn LeRoy USA 1949 VHS Film
Enforcer, The Bretaigne Windust USA 1951 VHS Film
Early Summer Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1951 DVD/VHS Film
Earrings of Madame de…, The Max Ophuls France 1953 DVD/VHS Film
Elephant Walk William Dieterle USA 1954 VHS Film
Executive Suite Robert Wise USA 1954 VHS Film
East of Eden Elia Kazan USA 1955 DVD Film
Early Spring Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1956 DVD Film
Elena and Her Men Jean Renoir France 1956 DVD Film
Elevator to the Gallows Louis Malle France 1958 DVD Film
Eroica Andrzej Munk Poland 1958 DVD Film
Equinox Flower Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1958 DVD/VHS Film
Elmer Gantry Richard Brooks USA 1960 DVD Film
Exodus Otto Preminger USA 1960 DVD Film
End of Summer, The Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1961 DVD Film
Electra Mihalis Kakogiannis Greece 1962 DVD Film
Exterminating Angel, The Luis Bunuel Mexico 1962 DVD Film
Enemy of the People, An Paul Bogart USA 1966 DVD Film
End of August at the Hotel Ozone, The Jan Schmidt Czechoslovakia 1967 DVD Film
Easy Rider Dennis Hopper USA 1969 DVD/VHS Film
El Topo Alejandro Jodorowsky Mexico 1970 DVD Film
Even Dwarfs Started Small Werner Herzog Germany 1970 DVD/VHS Film
Edward II Toby Robertson & Richard Marquand UK 1970 DVD Documentary
Emigrants, The Jan Troell Sweden 1971 VHS Film
Eight Hours Don’t Make a Day West Germany 1972 DVD Film
Electra, My Love Miklos Jancso Hungary 1974 DVD Film
Edvard Munch Peter Watkins Sweden 1974 DVD Film
Enigma of Kasper Hauser, The Werner Herzog Germany 1974 DVD Film
Earthquake in Chile Helma Sanders-Brahms Germany 1975 DVD Film
Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer Thom Andersen, Fay Andersen, Morgan Fisher USA 1975 Documentary
Eccentricities of a Nightingale Glenn Jordan USA 1976 DVD Film
Eraserhead David Lynch USA 1977 DVD Film
Eleanor and Franklin Double Feature (The Early Years / The White House Years) Daniel Petrie USA 1977 DVD Documentary
Empire of Passion Nagisa Oshima Japan 1978 DVD Film
Elephant Man, The David Lynch USA 1980 DVD Film
Eubie! Julianne Boyd USA 1981 VHS Film
Egyptian Story, An Youssef Chahine Egypt 1982 DVD Film
El Norte Gregory Nava UK 1983 DVD/VHS Film
Emerald Forest, The John Boorman UK 1985 DVD Film
Ethnic Notions Marlon Riggs USA 1986 DVD Documentary
El amor brujo Carlos Saura Spain 1986 DVD Film
Empire of the Sun Steven Spielberg USA 1987 DVD Film
Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On, The Kazuo Hara Japan 1987 DVD Documentary
Enemy of the People, An Satyajit Ray India 1989 DVD Film
Emergency Kisses (Philippe Garrel 2 Disc Set) Philippe Garrel France 1989 DVD Film
Edward Scissorhands Tim Burton USA 1990 DVD Film
Europa Europa Agnieszka Holland Germany 1990 DVD/VHS Film
Enchanted April Mike Newell UK 1991 DVD/VHS Film
Europa Lars von Trier Germany 1991 DVD Film
Ernie Kovacs: TV’s Comedy Wizard Anchor Bay USA 1991 VHS Documentary
Erik H. Erikson: A Life’s Work Davidson Films, Inc USA 1992 DVD Documentary
East Wind West Wind – Pearl Buck, The Woman Who Embraced The World Craig Davidson USA 1993 DVD Documentary
Eye of Vichy, The Claude Chabrol France 1993 DVD Documentary
Ernesto Che Guevara, the Bolivian Diary  Richard Dindo France 1994 VHS Documentary
Ermo Zhou Xiaowen China 1994 VHS Film
Exotica Atom Egoyan Canada 1994 DVD/VHS Film
Eat Drink Man Woman Ang Lee Taiwan 1994 DVD Film
El Silencio de Neto Luis Argueta Guatemala 1994 DVD Film
Early Dance – Part 1: From the Greeks to the Renaissance Hal Bergsohn USA 1995 VHS Documentary
Early Dance – Part 2: The Baroque Era Hal Bergsohn USA 1995 VHS Documentary
Elaine Pagels: The Origin of Satan Westar Institute Westar Institute USA 1995 DVD Documentary
Eighth Day, The Jaco Van Dormael France 1996 VHS Film
English Patient, the Anthony Minghella USA 1996 DVD/VHS Film
Even If a Hundred Ogres… Joel L. Freedman USA 1996 DVD Documentary
Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story Michael Ray Rhodes USA 1996 DVD Documentary
Eve’s Bayou Kasi Lemmons USA 1997 DVD Film
El Che: Investigating a Legend Maurice Dugowson France 1997 VHS Documentary
Eel, The Shohei Imamura Japan 1997 DVD/VHS Film
End of Violence, The Wim Wenders Germany 1997 DVD Film
Escape from Affluenza John deGraaf USA 1998 DVD Documentary
Earth Deepa Mehta India 1998 DVD Film
Eternal Memory: Voices from the Great Terror David Pultz USA 1998 DVD Documentary
Emperor and the Assassin, The Kaige Chen China 1998 DVD Film
Eternity and a Day Theodoros Angelopoulos Greece 1998 DVD Film
East/West Regis Wargnier France 1999 DVD Film
Edgewalker: A Conversation With Linda Schele Lori Conley, Simon Martin & Lori Conley USA 1999 DVD Documentary
Emotional Intelligence With Daniel Goleman Rachel Lyon USA 1999 DVD/VHS Documentary
End of the Affair, The Neil Jordan UK 1999 DVD/VHS Film
East Is East Damien O'Donnell UK 1999 DVD Film
Eyes Wide Shut Stanley Kubrick USA 1999 DVD Film
Eleanor Roosevelt Sue Williams USA 2000 DVD/VHS Documentary
Egypt: Journey to the Global Civilization Films Media Group USA 2000 DVD Documentary
El Bola Achero Manas Spain 2000 DVD Film
Everyday Heroes Rick Goldsmith & Abby Ginzberg USA 2001 VHS Documentary
Extras, The Lina Wertmuller Italy 2001 DVD Film
Exclusions and Awakenings: The Life of Maxine Greene Marckie Hancock USA 2001 DVD Documentary
Elling Petter Naess Norway 2001 DVD Film
Ellison, Ralph: An American Journey Avon Kirkland USA 2001 VHS Documentary
El ultimo tren Diego Arsuaga Argentina 2002 DVD Film
Embalmer, The Matteo Garrone Italy 2002 DVD Film
En la ciudad sin límites Antonio Hernandez Spain 2002 DVD Film
Elie Wiesel: First Person Singular Robert Gardner USA 2002 DVD Documentary
El Alamein – The Line of Fire Enzo Monteleone Italy 2002 DVD Film
El crimen del padre Amaro Carlos Carrera Mexico 2002 DVD Film
Eliana, Eliana Riri Riza Indonesia 2002 DVD Film