Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
Ezra Newton I. Aduaka Nigeria 2007 DVD Film
Eyes Wide Shut Stanley Kubrick USA 1999 DVD Film
Eye of Vichy, The Claude Chabrol France 1993 DVD Documentary
Extreme Cave Diving James Barrat USA 2010 DVD Documentary
Extras, The Lina Wertmuller Italy 2001 DVD Film
Exterminating Angel, The Luis Bunuel Mexico 1962 DVD Film
EXPO: Magic of the White City Mark Bussler USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Exotica Atom Egoyan Canada 1994 DVD/VHS Film
Exonerated, The Bob Balaban USA 2005 DVD Film
Exodus Otto Preminger USA 1960 DVD Film
Exit Through the Gift Shop Banksy UK 2010 DVD Documentary
Exiles Tony Gatlif France 2004 DVD Film
Executive Suite Robert Wise USA 1954 VHS Film
Execution of Wanda Jean, The Liz Garbus USA 2002 DVD/VHS Documentary
Excuse My French Amr Salama Egypt 2014 DVD Film
Exclusions and Awakenings: The Life of Maxine Greene Marckie Hancock USA 2001 DVD Documentary
Examined Life Astra Taylor Canada 2008 DVD Documentary
Evil Mikael Hafstrom Sweden 2003 DVD Film
Everything’s Cool Daniel B. Gold & Judith Helfand USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Everyone Their Grain of Sand Beth Bird Mexico 2005 DVD Documentary
Everyone Else Maren Ade Germany 2009 DVD Film
Everyday Heroes Rick Goldsmith & Abby Ginzberg USA 2001 VHS Documentary
Everyday Creativity N/A USA DVD Documentary
Everybody Wants Some!! Richard Linklater USA 2016 DVD Film
Every Picture Tells A Story James Bluemel USA 2003 DVD Documentary
Every Mother’s Son Kelly & Tami Gold Anderson USA 2004 DVD Documentary
Every Little Step Adam Del Deo & James D. Stern USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Every Child Is Born a Poet Jonathan Meyer Robinson USA 2002 DVD Documentary
Everlasting Moments Jan Troell Sweden 2008 DVD Film
Even the Rain Iciar Bollain Spain 2010 DVD Film
Even If a Hundred Ogres… Joel L. Freedman USA 1996 DVD Documentary
Even Dwarfs Started Small Werner Herzog Germany 1970 DVD/VHS Film
Eve’s Bayou Kasi Lemmons USA 1997 DVD Film
Eva Hesse Marcie Begleiter USA, Germany 2016 DVD Film
Europa Europa Agnieszka Holland Germany 1990 DVD/VHS Film
Europa Lars von Trier Germany 1991 DVD Film
Eugene O’Neill: A Documentary Film Ric Burns USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Eugene McCarthy: I’m Sorry I was Right Mike Hazard USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Eubie! Julianne Boyd USA 1981 VHS Film
Ethnic Notions Marlon Riggs USA 1986 DVD Documentary
Ethel Rory Kennedy USA 2012 DVD Documentary
Eternity and a Day Theodoros Angelopoulos Greece 1998 DVD Film
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Michel Gondry USA 2004 DVD Film
Eternal Memory: Voices from the Great Terror David Pultz USA 1998 DVD Documentary
Escape from Affluenza John deGraaf USA 1998 DVD Documentary
Eroica Andrzej Munk Poland 1958 DVD Film
Ernie Kovacs: TV’s Comedy Wizard Anchor Bay USA 1991 VHS Documentary
Ernesto Che Guevara, the Bolivian Diary  Richard Dindo France 1994 VHS Documentary
Ernest Hemingway: Rivers to the Sea DeWitt Sage USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Ernest Hemingway: Grace Under Pressure Tony Cash USA DVD Documentary
Ermo Zhou Xiaowen China 1994 VHS Film
Erik H. Erikson: A Life’s Work Davidson Films, Inc USA 1992 DVD Documentary
Eric Clapton: Crossroads Guitar Festival, Chicago Martyn Atkins USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Eraserhead David Lynch USA 1977 DVD Film
Equinox Flower Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1958 DVD/VHS Film
Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story Michael Ray Rhodes USA 1996 DVD Documentary
Enter the Void Gasper Noé France 2009 DVD Film
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room Alex Gibney USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Enigma of Kasper Hauser, The Werner Herzog Germany 1974 DVD Film
English Patient, the Anthony Minghella USA 1996 DVD/VHS Film
Enforcer, The Bretaigne Windust USA 1951 VHS Film
Energy Crossroads: A Burning Need to Change Course Christophe Fauchere USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Enemy of the People, An Satyajit Ray India 1989 DVD Film
Enemy of the People, An Paul Bogart USA 1966 DVD Film
Enemies of the People Rob Lemkin & Thet Sambath Cambodia 2009 DVD Documentary
Enemies of Happiness Eva Mulvad Denmark 2006 DVD Documentary
Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement Alex Jones USA 2007 DVD Documentary
End of Violence, The Wim Wenders Germany 1997 DVD Film
End of the Affair, The Neil Jordan UK 1999 DVD/VHS Film
End of Summer, The Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1961 DVD Film
End of Poverty?, The Philippe Diaz USA 2008 DVD Documentary
End of August at the Hotel Ozone, The Jan Schmidt Czechoslovakia 1967 DVD Film
Encounters at the End of the World Werner Herzog USA 2007 DVD Documentary
Encounter Point Ronit Avni & Julia Bacha USA 2006 DVD Documentary
Enchanted April Mike Newell UK 1991 DVD/VHS Film
En Tu Ausencia Ivan Noel Spain 2008 DVD Film
En Route to Baghdad Simone Duarte USA 2005 DVD Documentary
En la ciudad sin límites Antonio Hernandez Spain 2002 DVD Film
Empire of the Sun Steven Spielberg USA 1987 DVD Film
Empire of Passion Nagisa Oshima Japan 1978 DVD Film
Emperor’s Naked Army Marches On, The Kazuo Hara Japan 1987 DVD Documentary
Emperor and the Assassin, The Kaige Chen China 1998 DVD Film
Emotional Intelligence With Daniel Goleman Rachel Lyon USA 1999 DVD/VHS Documentary
Emmanuel’s Gift Lisa Lax & Nancy Stern USA 2005 DVD Documentary
Emigrants, The Jan Troell Sweden 1971 VHS Film
Emergency Kisses (Philippe Garrel 2 Disc Set) Philippe Garrel France 1989 DVD Film
Emerald Forest, The John Boorman UK 1985 DVD Film
Embrace of the Serpent Ciro Guerra Colombia 2015 DVD Film
Embalmer, The Matteo Garrone Italy 2002 DVD Film
Elmer Gantry Richard Brooks USA 1960 DVD Film
Ellison, Ralph: An American Journey Avon Kirkland USA 2001 VHS Documentary
Elling Petter Naess Norway 2001 DVD Film
Elle Paul Verhoeven France 2016 DVD Film
Elizabeth: The Golden Age Shekhar Kapur UK 2007 DVD Film
Elite Squad Jose Padilha Brazil 2007 DVD Film
Elisabeth of Berlin Steven D. Martin USA 2008 DVD Documentary
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross: Facing Death Stefan Haupt Switzerland 2003 DVD Documentary
Elisabeth Heywood, le conte de Noël Rosa Zacharie Canada 2005 DVD Film
Elie Wiesel: First Person Singular Robert Gardner USA 2002 DVD Documentary
Eliana, Eliana Riri Riza Indonesia 2002 DVD Film