Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
Day of the dead in Janitzio May Herz Mexico DVD Documentary
Death by Hanging Nagisa Oshima Japan 1698 DVD Film
Destiny Fritz Lang Germany 1921 DVD Film
Down to the Sea in Ships (Parisian Love / Down to the Sea in Ships) Elmer Clifton USA 1922 DVD Film
Die Nibelungen: Siegfried Fritz Lang Germany 1924 DVD Film
Dance, Fools, Dance Harry Beaumont USA 1931 VHS Film
Dragnet Girl Yasujiro Ozu Japan 1933 DVD Film
Dinner at Eight George Cukor USA 1933 VHS Film
Duck Soup Leo McCarey USA 1933 VHS Film
Dames Busby Berkeley & Ray Enright USA 1934 DVD Film
Dietrich & Von Sternberg in Hollywood Josef Von Sternberg USA 1935 DVD Film
Dark Angel, The Sidney A. Franklin USA 1935 VHS Film
Day in the Country, A Jean Renoir France 1936 DVD Film
Dead End William Wyler USA 1937 VHS Film
Dawn Patrol, The Edmund Goulding USA 1938 VHS Film
Destry Rides Again George Marshall USA 1939 VHS Film
Drums Along the Mohawk John Ford USA 1939 DVD/VHS Film
Dark Victory Edmund Goulding USA 1939 DVD/VHS Film
Dark Command Raoul Walsh USA 1940 DVD Film
Day of Wrath Carl Theodor Dreyer Denmark 1943 DVD Film
Double Indemnity Billy Wilder USA 1944 DVD/VHS Film
Duel in the Sun King Vidor USA 1946 DVD/VHS Film
Diary of a Chambermaid, The Jean Renoir USA 1946 VHS Film
Dead Reckoning John Cromwell USA 1947 DVD Film
Drunken Angel Akira Kurosawa Japan 1948 DVD/VHS Film
D.O.A. Rudolph Mate USA 1950 VHS Film
Day the Earth Stood Still, The Robert Wise USA 1951 DVD Film
Diary of a Country Priest Robert Bresson France 1951 DVD Film
Dream Wife Sidney Sheldon USA 1953 VHS Film
Dial M for Murder Alfred Hitchcock USA 1954 DVD/VHS Film
Desiree Henry Koster USA 1954 VHS Film
Diabolique Henri-Georges Clouzot France 1955 DVD Film
Death of a Cyclist J.A. Bardem Spain 1955 DVD Film
Desperate Hours, The William Wyler USA 1955 VHS Film
Death in the Garden Luis Bunuel France 1956 DVD Film
Defiant Ones, The Stanley Kramer USA 1958 DVD/VHS Film
Diary of Anne Frank, The George Stevens USA 1959 DVD Film
Devi Satyajit Ray India 1960 DVD/VHS Film
Divorce Italian Style Pietro Germi Italy 1961 DVD Film
Dr. Mabuse Collection, The Harald Reinl, Hugo Fregonese & Victor De Santis Germany 1961 DVD Film
Days of Wine and Roses Blake Edwards USA 1962 DVD/VHS Film
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb Stanley Kubrick USA 1964 DVD Film
Doctor Who: The Aztecs John Crockett UK 1964 DVD Documentary
Diary of a Chambermaid Luis Bunuel France 1964 DVD Film
Darling John Schlesinger UK 1965 DVD/VHS Film
Doctor Zhivago David Lean USA 1965 DVD/VHS Film
Daisies Vera Chytilova Czechoslovakia 1966 DVD Film
Day the Fish Came Out, The Mihalis Kakogiannis Greece 1967 DVD Film
Don’t Look Back D. A. Pennebaker USA 1967 DVD/VHS Documentary
Dirty Dozen, The Robert Aldrich USA 1967 DVD Film
Dear Mr. Gable Nicolas L. Noxon USA 1968 VHS Documentary
Double Suicide Masahiro Shinoda Japan 1969 DVD Film
Damned, The Luchino Visconti Italy 1969 DVD Film
Dodes’ka-den Akira Kurosawa Japan 1970 DVD/VHS Film
Drive, He Said / Safe Place, A Jack Nicholson / Henry Jaglom USA 1970 DVD Film
Dorian Gray Massimo Dallamano UK 1970 DVD/VHS Film
Death in Venice Luchino Visconti Italy 1971 DVD Film
Directed by John Ford Peter Bogdanovich USA 1971 DVD Documentary
Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, The Luis Bunuel France 1972 DVD/VHS Film
Deliverance John Boorman USA 1972 DVD Film
Don’t Look Now Nicolas Roeg UK 1973 DVD/VHS Film
Day for Night Francois Truffaut France 1973 DVD/VHS Film
Delicate Balance, A Tony Richardson USA 1973 DVD Film
Dat Kho Can Ha Thuc Vietnam 1973 DVD Film
Dersu Uzala Akira Kurosawa Japan 1975 VHS Film
Dialogues of the Exiled Raoul Ruiz Chile 1975 DVD Film
Devil’s Playground, The Fred Schepisi Australia 1976 DVD Film
Displaced Person, The Glenn Jordan USA 1977 DVD/VHS Film
Devil, Probably, The Robert Bresson France 1977 VHS Film
Deer Hunter, The Michael Cimino USA 1978 DVD/VHS Film
Days of Heaven Terrence Malick USA 1978 DVD/VHS Film
Don Giovanni Joseph Losey Italy 1979 DVD Film
Die Buddenbrooks Franz Peter Wirth Germany 1979 DVD Documentary
Das Boot Wolfgang Petersen Germany 1981 DVD/VHS Film
Doktor Faustus Franz Seitz Germany 1982 DVD Documentary
Dark Circle Christopher Beaver, Judy Irving & Ruth Landy USA 1982 DVD Documentary
Diner Barry Levinson USA 1982 DVD/VHS Film
Danton Andrzej Wajda Poland 1983 DVD Film
Dune David Lynch USA 1984 VHS Film
Dangerous Moves Richard Dembo Switzerland 1984 DVD Film
Dreamchild Gavin Millar UK 1985 VHS Documentary
Decline of the American Empire, The Denys Arcand Canada 1986 DVD Film
Death of a Salesman Volker Schlondorff USA 1986 VHS Film
Daughter of the Nile Hsiao-Hsien Hou Taiwan 1987 DVD Film
Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam Bill Couturie USA 1987 VHS Documentary
Dust in the Wind Hsiao-Hsien Hou Taiwan 1987 VHS Film
Dark Age Arch Nicholson Australia 1987 VHS Film
Dirty Dancing Emile Ardolino USA 1987 DVD Film
Dark Eyes Nikita Mikhalkov Russia 1987 VHS Film
Devil’s Disciple, The David Jones UK 1987 DVD Film
Dead, The John Huston USA 1987 DVD/VHS Film
Dangerous Liaisons Stephen Frears USA 1988 DVD Film
Dancing on the Edge of the Road Grubin David USA 1989 DVD Documentary
Decalogue I-III, The Krzysztof Kieslowski Poland 1989 DVD Film
Decalogue IV-VII, The Krzysztof Kieslowski Poland 1989 DVD Film
Drugstore Cowboy Gus Van Sant USA 1989 DVD Film
Decalogue VIII-X, The Krzysztof Kieslowski Poland 1989 DVD Film
Dead Poets Society Peter Weir USA 1989 DVD/VHS Film
Do the Right Thing Spike Lee USA 1989 DVD/VHS Film
Dreams Akira Kurosawa Japan 1990 DVD/VHS Film