Let’s Talk About It

Fall 2017 The American Frontier: A Pulitzer Prize Centennial Series
Spring 2017 Young Adult Crossover Fiction: Crumbling Borders between Adolescents and Adults
Fall 2016 Civil Rights and Equality: A Pulitzer Prize Centennial Series
Spring 2016 Play Ball
Fall 2015 Hope Amidst Hardship
Spring 2015 The Dynamics of Dysfunction:  To Laugh or Cry or Both
Fall 2014 Oklahoma Private Investigations
Spring 2014 Muslim Journeys: American Stories
Fall 2013 Making Sense of the American Civil War
Spring 2013 Myth and Literature
Fall 2012 Native American Writers of the Plains
Spring 2012 The Oklahoma Experience: From Wilderness to Metropolis
Fall 2011 Much Depends on Dinner: What We Eat and What It Says About Us
Spring 2011 What America Reads: Myth Making in Popular Fiction
Fall 2010 Rebirth of a Nation: Nationalism and the Civil War
Spring 2010 Journey Stories
Fall 2009 The Worst Hard Time Revisited: Oklahoma in the Dust Bowl Years
Spring 2009 Do You See What I See: Growing Up in the Wide World? Contemporary World Literature
Fall 2008 American Icons: The American President
Spring 2008 Mysterious Fears and Ghastly Longings
Fall 2007 Crime and Comedy: The Lighter Side of Crime and Misdemeanor
Spring 2007 The Oklahoma Experience: The Thirties
Fall 2006 Invisibility and Identity: The Search for Self in African American Fiction
Spring 2006 The Journey Inward: Women’s Autobiography
Fall 2005 Piecing the Quilt, Stirring the Stew: Ethnic American Women’s Voices
Spring 2005 The Oklahoma Experience: Re-Vison–Reading and Discussing
Fall 2004 Vietnam
Spring 2004 Crime and Punishment
Fall 2003 The American Renaissance
Spring 2003 Friendship in Literature: Reading and Discussing
Fall 2002 The Gilded Age: The Emergence of Modern America
Spring 2002 Private Investigations: Hard-Boiled and Soft-Hearted Heroes
Fall 2001 Liberty and Violence: The Heritage of the French Revolution
Spring 2001 Many Trails, Many Tribes: Images of American Indians in Contemporary Fiction
Fall 2000 Individual Rights and Community in America
Spring 2000 Making a Living, Making a Life: Work and Its Rewards in a Changing America
Fall 1999 The Unknown Americans: Contemporary Latin American Literature
Spring 1999 Generation to Generation: Contemporary Young Adult Fiction
Fall 1998 Being Ethnic, Becoming American: Struggles, Successes, Symbols
Spring 1998 Writing Worlds: The Art of Seeing In Antrhopology, Fiction, and Autobiography