Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
Hate Crimes in the Heartland Rachel Lyon USA 2015 Documentary
Salt of This Sea Annemarie Jacir Palestine 2008 Film
Ecstasy of Wilko Johnson, The Julien Temple UK 2015 Documentary
Eadweard Muybridge, Zoopraxographer Thom Andersen, Fay Andersen, Morgan Fisher USA 1975 Documentary
Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant, The Rainer Werner Fassbinder Germany 1972 Film
Pumping Iron II: The Women George Butler USA 1985 VHS Documentary
Little Buddha Bernardo Bertolucci Italy 1993 VHS Film
Man I Love, The Raoul Walsh USA 1947 VHS Film
Men, The Fred Zinnemann USA 1950 VHS Film
Poetry: Alice Walker Lannan Foundation USA 1989 VHS Documentary
Poetry: Jack Gilbert with Jody Allen Randolph Lannan Foundation USA 1995 VHS Documentary
Poetry: Seamus Heaney Lannan Foundation USA 1991 VHS Documentary
Seniors: Four Years in Retrospect Dayna Goldfine & Dan Geller USA 1996 VHS Documentary
Tom & Viv Brian Gilbert USA 1994 VHS Film
Undercurrent Vincente Minnelli USA 1946 VHS Film
NOW w/ Bill Moyers – October 1, 2004: Interview with Hannah Allam, Vali Nasr, & Gloria Flora Mark Canguzza USA 2004 VHS Documentary
84 Charlie Mopic Patrick Sheane Duncan USA 1989 VHS Film
Ark of the Covenant; Ancient Mysteries J. Charles Sterin USA 1994 VHS Documentary
Black Like Me Carl Lerner USA 1964 VHS Film
Carla’s Song Ken Loach UK 1996 VHS Film
South of the Rio Grande Lambert Hillyer USA 1945 VHS Film
Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam Bill Couturie USA 1987 VHS Documentary
Fighting 69th, The William Keighley USA 1940 VHS Film
Gaines, Ernest: Talking About ‘A Lesson Before Dying’ C-SPAN USA 2000 VHS Documentary
Hoop Dreams Steve James USA 1994 VHS Documentary
Joyless Street, The G.W. Pabst Germany 1925 VHS Film
Living American Theatre Dance John Alper USA 1982 VHS Documentary
Jonathan Kozol: Speech given at OCU on Oct. 23 2000 N/A USA 2000 VHS Documentary
Murder in the First Marc Rocco USA 1995 VHS Film
Poetry: Czeslaw Milosz Lannan Foundation USA 1988 VHS Documentary
Poetry: Louise Gluck Lannan Foundation USA 1988 VHS Documentary
Poetry: Yusef Komunyakaa Lannan Foundation USA 1997 VHS Documentary
Road House Jean Negulesco USA 1948 VHS Film
Stardust Memories Woody Allen USA 1980 VHS Film
Susan Lenox Robert Z. Leonard USA 1931 VHS Film
Trans Julian Goldberger USA 1998 VHS Film
Degenerate Art David Grubin USA 1993 VHS Documentary
Bone Collector, The Phillip Noyce USA 1999 VHS Film
Anastasia Anatole Litvak USA 1956 VHS Film
Century of Writers, A: William Styron Variety Moszynski USA 1997 VHS Documentary
Dance, Fools, Dance Harry Beaumont USA 1931 VHS Film
Destry Rides Again George Marshall USA 1939 VHS Film
Faces of Women Desire Ecare Ivory Coast 1985 VHS Film
Forbidden Planet Fred M. Wilcox USA 1956 VHS Film
Life, and Nothing More… Abbas Kiarostami Iran 1992 VHS Film
Madame Rosa Moshe Mizrahi France 1977 VHS Film
Poetry: Ernesto Cardenal with Ruben Martínez Lannan Foundation USA 1990 VHS Documentary
Poetry: Peter Matthiessen Lannan Foundation USA 1996 VHS Documentary
Red Firecracker, Green Firecracker Ping He China 1994 VHS Film
Wanted: Dead or Alive: Season 1 Thomas Carr, Don McDougall & R.G. Springsteen USA 1958 VHS Documentary
Charlie Chaplin Collection: By the Sea; The Bank; Shanghaied; A Night at the Show; Caught in A Cabaret; Mabel’s Busy Day; The Masquerader; The Rounders; In the Park Charlie Chaplin USA 1915 VHS Film
Up to a Certain Point Tomas Gutierrez Alea Cuba 1983 VHS Film
Big Trail, The Raoul Walsh USA 1930 VHS Film
Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace Eric Till USA 2000 VHS Documentary
Chloe in the Afternoon Eric Rohmer France 1972 VHS Film
Congress Dances Erik Charell Germany 1931 VHS Film
Voices & Visions: William Carlos Williams Richard P. Rogers USA 1988 VHS Documentary
Djomeh Hassan Yektapanah Iran 2000 VHS Film
Go West Young Man Henry Hathaway USA 1936 VHS Film
Anne Lamott: CNN Interview N/A USA 1999 VHS Documentary
Little Caesar Mervyn LeRoy USA 1931 VHS Film
Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, The Nunnally Johnson USA 1956 VHS Film
Nevada Smith Henry Hathaway USA 1966 VHS Film
Old Man John Kent Harrison USA 1997 VHS Film
Poetry: Allen Ginsberg Lannan Foundation USA 1989 VHS Documentary
Poetry: Jamaica Kincaid with William Gass Lannan Foundation USA 2000 VHS Documentary
Poetry: Sharon Olds Lannan Foundation USA 1991 VHS Documentary
Sister Wendy in Conversation with Bill Moyers Michael Kirk USA 1997 VHS Documentary
Southpaw Liam McGrath Ireland 1999 VHS Documentary
That’s a Family Debra Chasnoff USA 2000 VHS Documentary
History of Tom Jones, a Foundling, The Metin Huseyin UK 1997 VHS Film
West Beirut Ziad Doueiri Lebanon 1998 VHS Film
Witness: Voices from the Holocaust Joshua M. Greene USA 1999 VHS Documentary
Language of Life w/ Bill Moyers Vol. 1 – 8 : Welcome to the Mainland; Love’s Confusing; The Field of Time; Some Can Sing; Here in the Mind; Swirl like a Leaf; The Heart of Things; Come Celebrate With Me (Filed in Poetry Bin) David Grubin USA 1995 VHS Documentary
Sister Wendy’s Story of Painting Tim Robinson UK 1996 VHS Documentary
Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, A Fernando Birri Spain 1988 VHS Film
Dark Age Arch Nicholson Australia 1987 VHS Film
Behind the Lines Gillies MacKinnon UK 1997 VHS Film
Carnal Knowledge Mike Nichols USA 1971 VHS Film
Crows, The Dorota Kedzierzawska Poland 1994 VHS Film
Dear Mr. Gable Nicolas L. Noxon USA 1968 VHS Documentary
Dream Wife Sidney Sheldon USA 1953 VHS Film
Ermo Zhou Xiaowen China 1994 VHS Film
Fighting Sullivans, The Lloyd Bacon USA 1944 VHS Film
Good Morning, Babylon Paolo & Vittorio Taviani Italy 1987 VHS Film
Horn Blows at Midnight, The Raoul Walsh USA 1945 VHS Film
Love in Germany, A Andrzej Wajda Germany 1983 VHS Film
Open City Roberto Rossellini Italy 1945 VHS Film
Poetry: David Malouf Lannan Foundation USA 1998 VHS Documentary
Poetry: Lucille Clifton Vol. I Lannan Foundation USA 1996 VHS Documentary
Shakespeare In Love John Madden USA 1998 VHS Film
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman Stuart Heisler USA 1947 VHS Film
Starting Small: Teaching Children Tolerance (Southern Poverty Law Center) Margie McGovern USA 1997 VHS Documentary
Susanna Pass William Witney USA 1949 VHS Film
Those Crazy Ol’ Commercials Goodtimes Home Video USA 1986 VHS Documentary
Flute Player, The Jocelyn Glatzer USA 2003 VHS Documentary
Hollywood Clowns, The Bill Gleason USA 1979 VHS Documentary
Third Millennium Evening with Poets Laureate The White House USA 1998 VHS Documentary
UNICEF Films: Water; School in a Box, 341: A Film for the World Summit; Kalinga Story; Fabio & the Samba School Lise & Bjorn R. Bye Zumwalt USA, Rwanda, India, Brazil 1995 VHS Documentary
Harlem Nights Eddie Murphy USA 1989 VHS Film