Film Library

Film Title Director Country Year Format Genre Type
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Ned Judge 1998 DVD Documentary
Some Can Sing 1995 DVD Documentary
Great Religions of the World 2004 DVD Documentary
Living With the Machigenga Travel Channel 2008 DVD Documentary
Sun Come Up Jennifer Redfearn 2011 DVD Documentary
Karmen Gei DVD Film
My Tehran for Sale Granaz Moussavi 2009 DVD Film
Wolfpack, The Crystal Moselle 2015 DVD Film
Killing, The Stanley Kubrick 1956 DVD Film
Osama Siddiq Barmak Afghanistan 2003 DVD Film
Afghanistan Unveiled Brigitte Brault Afghanistan 2003 VHS Documentary
Brooklyn Connection, The Klaartje Quirijns Albania 2005 DVD Documentary
Rachida Yamina Bachir Algeria 2002 DVD Film
Days of Glory Rachid Bouchareb Algeria 2006 DVD Film
Inch’Allah dimanche Yamina Benguigui Algeria 2001 DVD Film
Barakat! Djamila Sahraoui Algeria 2006 DVD Film
Ark of the Desert, The (Great African Films – Vol 3) Mohamed Chouikh Algeria 1997 DVD Film
Bab El Oued City Merzak Allouache Algeria 1994 DVD Film
Mascarades Lyes Salem Algeria 2008 DVD Film
Outside the Law Rachid Bouchareb Algeria 2010 DVD Film
Hollow City Maria Joao Ganga Angola 2004 DVD Film
Camila Maria Luisa Bemberg Argentina 1984 DVD/VHS Film
Official Story, The Luis Puenzo Argentina 1985 DVD/VHS Film
Son of the Bride Juan Jose Campanella Argentina 2001 DVD Film
Common Ground Adolfo Aristarain Argentina 2002 DVD Film
Spoils of War David Blaustein Argentina 2000 DVD Documentary
La Cienaga Lucrecia Martel Argentina 2001 DVD Film
Bolivia Adrian Caetano Argentina 2001 DVD Film
Shadow You Soon Will Be, A Hector Olivera Argentina 1994 DVD Film
Funny Dirty Little War Héctor Olivera Argentina 1983 DVD Film
Los desaparecidos Bob Freimark Argentina 2003 DVD Documentary
Pizza, Beer, and Cigarettes Adrian Caetano & Bruno Stagnaro Argentina 1998 DVD Film
Method, The Marcelo Pineyro Argentina 2005 DVD Film
El dia que me amen Daniel Barone Argentina 2003 DVD Film
Chronicle of an Escape Israel Adrian Caetano Argentina 2006 DVD Film
Glue Alexis Dos Santos Argentina 2006 DVD Film
Live-In Maid Jorge Gaggero Argentina 2004 DVD Film
Los Muertos Lisandro Alonso Argentina 2004 DVD Film
Cocalero Alejandro Landes Argentina 2007 DVD Documentary
Family Law Daniel Burman Argentina 2006 DVD Film
Lost Embrace Daniel Burman Argentina 2004 DVD Film
Herencia Paula Hernandez Argentina 2001 DVD Film
Martin (Hache) Adolfo Aristarain Argentina 1997 DVD Film
Place in the World, A Adolfo Aristarain Argentina 1992 DVD Film
XXY Lucia Puenzo Argentina 2007 DVD Film
On Each Side Hugo Grosso Argentina 2005 DVD Film
Kept and Dreamless Martin De Salvo & Vera Fogwill Argentina 2005 DVD Film
Lili’s Apron Mariano Galperin Argentina 2004 DVD Film
Today and Tomorrow Alejandro Chomski Argentina 2003 DVD Film
El ultimo tren Diego Arsuaga Argentina 2002 DVD Film
Window, The Carlos Sorin Argentina 2008 DVD Film
Headless Woman, The Lucrecia Martel Argentina 2008 DVD Film
El Secreto de Sus Ojos Juan Jose Campanella Argentina 2009 DVD Film
Possible Lives Sandra Gugliotta Argentina 2007 DVD Film
Custodian, The Rodrigo Moreno Argentina 2006 DVD Film
Clandestine Childhood Benjamin Avila Argentina 2011 DVD Film
Liverpool Lisandro Alonso Argentina 2008 DVD Film
I, the Worst of All Maria Luisa Bemberg Argentina 1990 DVD Film
Social Genocide (Memoria Del Squeo) Fernando E. Solanas Argentina 2004 DVD Film
Zama Lucrecia Martel Argentina 2017 DVD Film
Wild Tales Damián Szifron Argentina; Spain 2014 DVD Film
El Angel Luis Ortega Argentina; Spain 2018 DVD Film
Calendar Atom Egoyan Armenia 1993 DVD Film
Rocket, The Kim Mourdaunt Austarlia 2013 DVD Film
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The Stephan Elliot Australia 1994 DVD/VHS Film
Breaker Morant Bruce Beresford Australia 1980 DVD/VHS Film
Careful, He Might Hear You Carl Schultz Australia 1983 DVD/VHS Film
Coca-Cola Kid, The Dusan Makavejev Australia 1985 VHS Film
Gallipoli Peter Weir Australia 1981 DVD/VHS Film
Hammers Over the Anvil Ann Turner Australia 1993 VHS Film
Last Wave, The Peter Weir Australia 1977 DVD/VHS Film
My Brilliant Career Gillian Armstrong Australia 1979 DVD/VHS Film
Picnic at Hanging Rock Peter Weir Australia 1975 DVD/VHS Film
Rabbit-Proof Fence Phillip Noyce Australia 2002 DVD Film
Shine Scott Hicks Australia 1996 DVD/VHS Film
Year My Voice Broke, The John Duigan Australia 1987 VHS Film
Year of Living Dangerously, The Peter Weir Australia 1982 DVD/VHS Film
Flirting John Duigan Australia 1991 DVD Film
One Night Stand John Duigan Australia 1984 VHS Film
Piano, The Jane Campion Australia 1993 DVD/VHS Film
Cane Toads: An Unnatural History Mark Lewis Australia 1988 DVD Documentary
Tracker, The Rolf de Heer Australia 2002 DVD Film
Vincent Paul Cox Australia 1987 DVD Film
Japanese Story Sue Brooks Australia 2003 DVD Film
Sweetie Jane Campion Australia 1989 DVD/VHS Film
2 Friends Jane Campion Australia 1986 DVD Film
Prisoners of the Sun Stephen Wallace Australia 1990 DVD Film
Ten Canoes Rolf de Heer & Peter Djigirr Australia 2006 DVD Film
Dark Age Arch Nicholson Australia 1987 VHS Film
Jindabyne Ray Lawrence Australia 2006 DVD Film
Bra Boys Sunny Abberton & Macario De Souza Australia 2007 DVD Documentary
Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith, The Fred Schepisi Australia 1978 DVD Film
Devil’s Playground, The Fred Schepisi Australia 1976 DVD Film
Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts Scott Hicks Australia 2007 DVD Documentary
Serenades Mojgan Khadem Australia 2001 DVD Film
We of the Never Never Igor Auzins Australia 1982 DVD Film
Two Laws Alessandro Cavadini & Carolyn Strachan Australia 1982 DVD Documentary
Black Balloon, The Elissa Down Australia 2008 DVD Film
Disgrace Steve Jacobs Australia 2008 DVD Film
Modern Love Alex Frayne Australia 2006 DVD Film