September 24th: Fabien Cousteau, “One Ocean, One People”

The Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film & Literature is proud to co-sponsor the annual Martha Jean Lemon Distinguished Speaker Series
Join us
Tuesday, September 24th at 7:00 PM
Petree Recital Hall, Bass School of Music
NW 25th & Blackwelder
Oklahoma City University Campus

Ocean conservationist. Explorer. Documentary filmmaker. Shark expert.

Fabien Cousteau presents “One Ocean, One People.” 

Fabien Cousteau is well known for his study of sharks and also as the first grandson of famous scientist and ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau. He served as an explorer-at-large and program host for National Geographic and produced a CBS documentary in 2006. Later Cousteau spent four years cohosting PBS’s “Ocean Adventures” with his father and sister. Since then, he has become a member of multiple cause-driven and charitable boards while also working with local communities and children worldwide to help restore local water ecosystems. In early 2016 he founded the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Learning Center (OLC).

The OLC focuses on Public Awareness (SEE), Education (LEARN) and Special Projects (DO). Their mission is to empower communities and children to help restore local water ecosystems through the healthy “replanting” of key marine species and empower future stewards of ocean conservation. They do this through featured activities and initiatives include beach cleanups, dive missions, coral reef restoration, sea turtles restoration programs, and educational resources that can be used for elementary grades to the university level, as well as aquarium programming.

Cousteau’s presentation is sponsored by OCU’s Petree College of Arts & SciencesOCU’s Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film and Literature, and Pumps of Oklahoma.

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