Ordinary Heroes: Reflections for Oklahomans | 1st Annual Documentary Series

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1st Annual Documentary Series

Walls and Bridges

Sundays, 2 PM, Walker Center 151
2501 N Blackwelder Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73106
A discussion session follows each film for those who wish to stay
Free Admission, Donations Appreciated
Director: Dr. Harbour Winn, hwinn@okcu.edu
For More Information, Call (405) 208-5472


April 11, 1999, Walker Center 151, 2 PM

Pierre Sauvage’s Weapons of the Spirit, USA (1989), 92 min

During World War II in and around one village in Nazi-occupied France 5,000 Jews were sheltered by 5,000 Christians. Sauvage, born and protected in Le Chambon, returns there to tell the story.

April 18, 1999, Walker Center 151, 2 PM

Pierre Sauvage’s 4 Little Girls, USA (1997), 102 min

In 1963 in Birmingham, a single explosion rocked a community and awakened a nation. Spike Lee’s film recounts the people and events leading up to one of the most despicable hate crimes during the height of the Civil Rights Movement, the bombing of the 16th Street Church in Alabama. In that attack, four little African-American girls lost their lives and a nation was simultaneously revolted, angered and galvanized to push the fight for equality and justice.

May 2, 1999, Walker Center 151, 2 PM

Freida Lee Mock’s Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision, USA (1994), 105 min

The Academy Award winning portrait of the Chinese-American artist, architect and sculptor who, at 20 years of age, designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington and later the Civil Rights Monument in Montgomery, Alabama.


Admission to the film series is free, but donations help sustain the Institute’s mission. Donations can be made at each film or mailed to the OCU Film Institute Endowment at Oklahoma City University or the OCU Film Institute’s Designated Endowment in the Community Foundation of the Kirkpatrick Family Fund. Oklahoma City University and the Thatcher Hoffman Smith Endowment Fund for the university’s Center for Interpersonal Studies through Film and Literature also support the Institute